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‘Cast from the car.

Working on tatting ornaments from JoAnn Stearns book Glass Christmas Balls;  The new egg shaped ornaments will be from Victorian Tatted Christmas from Dianna Stevens.  These books are all available from several sources including Lacis, Snowgoose, and sev others.  Dig out your balls folks and cover them up (sorry couldn't resist)

KNitting on the diminishing rib cardigan from Interweave Knits Spring (boy did I say that wrong...that is what ya get for car-casting)  And the socks are at a slow grind because I am focusing on this sweater

Spinning and waiting for a new fiber from etsy...will post a pic when it comes.  Love my Julia!!

Favorite birthday cake...angel food cake...cut in half, whole out a tunnel ...fill with chocolate whipped cream made with real heavy cream...YUM!!  We have had it for years!!

Working in the ER Thanksgiving...hope no one lops off their turkey carvin' fingers!!  Every year suture someone who cuts themselves on knife or a broken glass!

See ya all 1-2 weeks.  Thanks for listening!! Over 1500 subscribers!!  Holy Moly!!

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  • Bertha Doubleday

    I’m experiencing a bit of problems understanding the end of the article. The final paragraph gets split midway up. You should have a look at that.Nevertheless, the rest of the read was good!

    Mar 29, 2010 at 3:40 pm