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Fall trip to Upper Pennsylvania and New York included several homages to Bradley's bridges..they are lift bridges over the Erie canal..Very cool!!

We also visited Cornell University and a very spooky cemetary there the stones all dating to 1800's!  A VERY scary drive down the side of the gorge almost ended in the need for Depends.  We do not have a pic of that as my hands were fastened to the car door handle!

Knitting saw the completion of pair of socks, numerous awareness ribbons tatted with pink thread and Robison-Anton Glow in the dark in pink  (I don't know why)

I got to my Alpaca from Highland Alpaca mentioned last week and more of the Lady in the Stone (or what ever the hell her name is) from Crown Mountain.

This try to record produced a shorter episode but I already have ideas for next time...Thanks for stopping by with me!!

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