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Well, yes I am actually!  However, Better late than never?  As discussed I am reviewing what I have been tatting and knitting this month.  I also sent out the packages to the winners of the contest...Trayna from Scotland won the tatting goodies and Darlene from Canada won the knitting with a tatting teaser.  Since I can not figure out how to post pics here yet I will refer you to my other blog Arlene Tats and Knits http://arlenetats.blogspot.com/.  I am also recording another episode to discuss what they had to say about the surprises.  I had taken a bunch of pics but lost them in the great card caper...dd erased it by accident.

So...stay tuned.  I plan to finish it today but will not upload until next week so as not to shock your systems with an on-time 'cast!!



Sites mentioned

Lacis:  http://lacis.com/ A great source of the Japanese books that I have mentioned before...

Snowgoose:  http://www.snowgoose.cc/  The other place I mentioned.

The Lacemaker:  http://www.lacemakerusa.com/

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