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For those of you who do not care about football, cover your ears because I am screaming "Steelers Going to the SUPER BOWL!!  Yeah!!  I was intended to podcast last weekend but realized it was a football game and so...NO...no podcast for you!!  Sooooorrrrrrryyyyyyy!  It was a grreat game and I am very excited for them.  I do hope WE win but I am not sure.  I do have lucky socks so that should definitely help, right?
I finished the Wendy Johnson socks..Heart to Heart socks in the red.  Now I am working on the Diamonds and Cables Socks in a purple Knit Picks Gloss as seen on the right.  I am very much enjoying these patterns and will no doubt do more from this book.  I will say the only thing I truly dislike is Short-Row heels...ick..but practice makes perfect.
Tatting, I finally sewed on the edging to the hanky that DD gave me.  I currently have allowed it to live under a glass (EAPG) bowl made by my GrandFathers old place of employ. It really looks nice there for now.  The old antique bowl with a vintage hanky.  What could be better?
This month I will be working on hearts from
Ruffled Heart Pattern Vicki Clarke
Tat's Amore, Martha Ess  scroll down the page
Tatting Hearts, Teri Dusenbury this is an Amazon site.
Spinning, I reviewed
Next "cast I will review
How I Spin, Rita Buchanan also at Interweave
Until then....Enjoy
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