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Long weekend leads to tatting and knitting productivity!

 I had a long weekend for no reason and was able to tat, knit and today spin my way along.  These are the socks I finished last week or so ago...the Straight-laced socks from Knitty Winter 2002. 
On my trip to Sewickly, I bought these yarns to use in some Christmas knitting.
The yarn is from Yarns Unlimited...Tosh Sock, in Pheasant; Regia Design line Kaffe Fassett in Clay; Belgium sock from Around the World in knitted Socks in Classic Elita Yarns Silky Alpaca Lace;
 Frog Tree Alpaca in the Blue.
Tatting this week featured a snowflake mentioned by Ingred, Marty, and Jon.
Mark Myers has been at it again doing some really phenom videos!! If you have not seen then for Pete's sake...why not. His site Tat-man Lists many opportunities to see, learn and oogle! A must see if you are a tatter!

                    This is the Tatted Tree from Be-Stitched.com.  I workrd up in Sulky Green Holoshimmer and 80g Lizbeth.  It was quick and easy and hopefully will look good on a package.  The shuttles are new from Shuttleshop.  Tulipwood Hearts.

Until next time...Take care.  Post a comment on itunes or here to be entered into drawing this month...Next podcast will be the details.  Stay tuned

Fall trip to Upper Pennsylvania and New York included several homages to Bradley's bridges..they are lift bridges over the Erie canal..Very cool!!

We also visited Cornell University and a very spooky cemetary there the stones all dating to 1800's!  A VERY scary drive down the side of the gorge almost ended in the need for Depends.  We do not have a pic of that as my hands were fastened to the car door handle!

Knitting saw the completion of pair of socks, numerous awareness ribbons tatted with pink thread and Robison-Anton Glow in the dark in pink  (I don't know why)

I got to my Alpaca from Highland Alpaca mentioned last week and more of the Lady in the Stone (or what ever the hell her name is) from Crown Mountain.

This try to record produced a shorter episode but I already have ideas for next time...Thanks for stopping by with me!!

A visit to see Alpaca Farm and Poor Meat stars in my Dreams

Highland Alpaca Farm, Grove City, PA  Oct2 was the open to the public day.  What fun we had looking at and patting the animals!!  Can I have one?  Please?  I promise to be good...No?  Well, ok never mind!
I bought some wonderful black alpaca from the farm and am tempted to buy more yarn..Very soft.  I will post pic of sock I made from Socks From The Toe Up...Diamond Gansy.  The guy in the lower pic used to play bass guitar with Bob Dylan.
Started another pair of socks from Nore Silk Garden Light (Col2018)     is    now a discontinued yarn for some reason...Kinda splitty according to some; I have not had problems.
 Tatting snowflakes with new thread from Fuji...glow in the dark of coarse.  Also bought three from Robison-Anton in white and pink also for glowing Christmas ornaments..Do you see a theme here.  All I can tell you is that acquiring larger numbers of these on your tree is really an amazing sight...after the lights go out!


These are a few of my favorite things!!

Welcome back again!  These are the pictures I referred to in the podcast.  For those that don't listen (shame,shame) the top pictures are some of my older shuttles; the top one my first Lady Hoare type with an ugly yellow "string" on it...clockwise the huge plastic ones are the infamous Tatsy's great for large cords and throwing at the cats.  The snippet of tatting is prob 40 years old from an older book.I gave this to my mom years ago and she still had it.!..a really nice pattern  edging.  And a few Susan Bates oldies!
To taunt one of my fav patients, I am making a yellow and blue (Gooooo PITT) lanyard from these threads found at The Lacemaker, Cortland Ohio  He likes Penn State (gasp).  The shuttles are from David Reed Smith.  The third photo is my last stash haul from The Lacemaker.  Some of the threads were "bump and scratch sale...were all balls that hit the ground at one point or the other....Love the book marks in that bookmark book!

The fourth pic is a sample of the designs that were previously associated with the Maus's Tatted Round Robin (doilies) site now no longer functioning Tatted Round Robin 19.  I have saved many of those pages from the early years and thank goodness printed many of them out .  The can still be found on the archives Tatting Round robins  I am not sure if the site goes down this October, I don't remember seeing that warning before. Sooooo.  Many of out most well known tatters and designers participated through the years for our collective benefit.

Sites for purchasing tatting goodies...don't be mad if your site is not listed..let me know and I will list it.  Others are already listed on the right of page.



On the knitting front.  I am happy this darn sweater is coming along as well as it is!  Boy that took a long time to do correctly.  Fortunately, I am stubborn as well as beautiful and persevered!  I could not be happier with it now.  Also on the knitting from new needles from KnitPicks and DYAK.  Love the Rosewood Darn Pretty needles in a 6inch DPN for the sweater Nicole from Ewe & I Originals.  It is a baby sweater for no one special.  I intended to knit for new Grandbaby Myah...now almost three...ah well, the thought counts, right?
Enough for today...Off to up-load this weeks episode!  Until later...knit and tat happy!

Get to know me…again

Well, last I looked it was November 2009?   Really...I can't believe it. Well, I am back, recommitted and full of knitting tatting and spinning wonder as well as quirky and goofy at times

Today I re-introduce myself and catch up for those who knew me and welcome those who might know me again. 

Patterns referred to:

Iris Niiebach's new book Fantasia 3...a must have

RPM from Knitty2006 by Aija Goto using Draygone Yarnes, Pittsburgh Penquins colorway

Socks from the Toe up, Serpentine Socks using a gorgeous blue Socks that Rock

More to follow...stay tunes!  Missed you all!

‘Cast from the car.

Working on tatting ornaments from JoAnn Stearns book Glass Christmas Balls;  The new egg shaped ornaments will be from Victorian Tatted Christmas from Dianna Stevens.  These books are all available from several sources including Lacis, Snowgoose, and sev others.  Dig out your balls folks and cover them up (sorry couldn't resist)

KNitting on the diminishing rib cardigan from Interweave Knits Spring (boy did I say that wrong...that is what ya get for car-casting)  And the socks are at a slow grind because I am focusing on this sweater

Spinning and waiting for a new fiber from etsy...will post a pic when it comes.  Love my Julia!!

Favorite birthday cake...angel food cake...cut in half, whole out a tunnel ...fill with chocolate whipped cream made with real heavy cream...YUM!!  We have had it for years!!

Working in the ER Thanksgiving...hope no one lops off their turkey carvin' fingers!!  Every year suture someone who cuts themselves on knife or a broken glass!

See ya all 1-2 weeks.  Thanks for listening!! Over 1500 subscribers!!  Holy Moly!!

Well!  Where indeed have I been.  No excuses...just too overwhelmed with life and work.  BUT who cares about that when there is knitting, tatting and spinning to be done!  NO ONE!!  So, after a looooong hiatus I am hoping to resume with fewer interruptions.

Tatting I have a pile of Christmas things to do.  I am currently working Terry McGuffins (Teiko  Fujito inspired) Three color ornament.  Don't forget the fun of blending threads together.  Imagine a great Hand-dyed with a blending filament from Sulky.  Yum 

Still have a few edgings to complete and a gift to self will be the new Christmas shuttle from the Shuttleshop.

On the needles the Strangling Vine Scarf from Nicole Hindes, the Riding on the Metro socks from Socks from the Toe up, and my first cardigan from Spring '09 Diminishing Rib Cardigan.  Wish me luck

Spinning some Ramboulet/Corriedale and just finished 8 oz of a yummy from Crown Mountain in Merino/Tencel (chantefleur)  Pics to come.

Enjoy and keep coming back!  Thanks for new listeners and the loyal few who listen...I love ya!!

Addendum...heard from Bonnie that the sounds was skippy in the episode.  I am going to try to retry tomorrow.  Had some difficulty uploading and had not listened to the final product...sorry. will try it again

Final note...I did re-upload the podcast and it is fine now...a bit rambly but...hey!  That's ME!  Thanks again Bonnie for the FYI..Enjoy

Sunshine Makes Me Happy

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunshine Makes me Happy!!

Yeah for the first campfire of the season
I finished Luna Regina after several months...almost a full year of work..primarily because I had a short attention span. The cats helped block it to make sure I did ok; that's Lucky. I bought the blocking wires from KnitPicks http://www.knitpicks.com/Knitting.cfm. They also had a nice tutorial I just checked out to see. Common sense really but a nice resource. They were really fast at sending it out as well!
Tatting: Back burnered the doily "Cornelia" from Iris Niebach but will start it up again with the same thread because you all told me it looked ok in the vari-black! I will obey the "peeps" 'cause you all know best!!
Look at this edging...Isn't it grreat! I love the Coron 120 (Japanese) and this is Fiordaliso http://lacis.com/catalog/graphic/in04.jpg, the book found at Lacis http://lacis.com/catalog/
Podcast #16 is being loaded. Hope you forgive me rambling on. I was in a really good mood so had to talk about it!! See/hear from you soon!!

Ya think it'll float?, AND "cast 15!

Sounds like a David Lettermanhhhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qfBVw5Ilcctp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qfBVw5Ilccttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qfBVw5IlcWill it float Bradley is making a boat for the Pirates/Caribean theme for the Prom this year. We have threatened my DD that after it has been used at Prom we are going to take it for a "ride" down the Shenango River to see if it will float. DD gets in first then we see how far she can go. Seriously, I think the darn thing could float!\
He did not use any plans...just made it up in his head...A vVERY scary place, his head!
Episode 15 notes;
Where I talk about how great podcasters are. "cept me! Recorded the episode 3/28th.
Tidying up the basement...what a mess it gets to be! I am such a procrastinator it is revolting! I did find the photo's don't know why but they weren't actually lost I just couldn't find them? I was soooo happy to find DD #1 and her babies!! I had had such a nice pic I was sad to lost it!
The yarns I mentioned:
The blue is much darker in real life Jitterbug 118 and the purple is Socks that Rock Jubilation The others are the "ones that got away"...Cascade Yarns Pearls in 9843 purple. This is the one DD thought was icky and would net let me send to Darlene. Sorry Darlene!
And the manly colors from Panda wool that DH will never see! Ah well...they will look good on me!

Tatting sources

Lacis  http://lacis.com/

Snowgoose http://www.snowgoose.cc/

The lacemaker http://www.lacemakerusa.com/

Handy Hands  http://www.handyhandstatting.com/search.cfm \

Fibery Goodness


Well, yes I am actually!  However, Better late than never?  As discussed I am reviewing what I have been tatting and knitting this month.  I also sent out the packages to the winners of the contest...Trayna from Scotland won the tatting goodies and Darlene from Canada won the knitting with a tatting teaser.  Since I can not figure out how to post pics here yet I will refer you to my other blog Arlene Tats and Knits http://arlenetats.blogspot.com/.  I am also recording another episode to discuss what they had to say about the surprises.  I had taken a bunch of pics but lost them in the great card caper...dd erased it by accident.

So...stay tuned.  I plan to finish it today but will not upload until next week so as not to shock your systems with an on-time 'cast!!



Sites mentioned

Lacis:  http://lacis.com/ A great source of the Japanese books that I have mentioned before...

Snowgoose:  http://www.snowgoose.cc/  The other place I mentioned.

The Lacemaker:  http://www.lacemakerusa.com/

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