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I am going to update my podcast this weekend.  I have a new computer and am going to try to record on board and upgrade...If I continue will depend on if anyone still remembers me and gives me a try!!

Ah well, maybe I will get it soon.  I am uploading a small video just on a lark to show you my current projects.  Next time I will also be reviewing the video Spinning for Lace.

Hope you enjoy the 'cast


The smaller video is on http://arlenetats.blogspot.com/

Well, at last I am back (again) after computer crashes this time!  I think all is well now and will hopefully continue to progress as time allows.

I am tatting again (yeah!!!) and am leisurely working on several Iris Niebach edgings.... Clara and Gloria are still UFOs and I found Fiordaliso I was working in Coron 120...very pretty.

I am knitting The Flutter Scarf from Miriam Felton in a really pretty beige/moss color.

Spinning on my Crown Mountain Farms Fiber of the months and got a new Spindle from Journey Wheel in Carbonized Bamboo.  It is really pretty!!


Until next time.... Happy Fibers to You (aka Happy Trails to You)


I am Sooooo glad I am well again and tatting and knitting is going great!

In this episode I finished review of

How I Spin from Rita Buchanan http://www.interweavestore.com/Spinning.html?SessionThemeID=23&a=iwpsite

Lizbeth from Handy Hands http://www.hhtatting.com/

Threads from Lacemaker http://www.lacemakerusa.com/default.htm

But don't forget..

Lacis http://lacis.com/ and others!!

I also really loved this months CMF May Columbia fiber (pics will come later.

I finished Fountain Pen Shawl from Interweave Summer 2009 http://www.interweaveknits.com/preview/2009_spring.asp

And am now making socks from Favorite Socks Waving Lace Socks, and some wash cloths

Reviewed Signature Needles...DPN, Single Points and Circulars...Luv them!!

Welcome back to regulares, welcome in to newbies...Be back soon!!

Wow!  I really messed up the fix to my podcast problem but I think it is REALLY ok now.


I deleted then reloaded...lets see how it goes

Getting over Bronchitis so did not podcast right after the Steeler game...!  We lost but better luck next year!

Knitting on the same projects

Diamonds and cables sock from  Socks From the Toe Up for EveryBody by Wendy Johnson using Gloss in Cosmos colorway/

Going to cast on a cowl, I think, from Ravelry library, for my handspun  Crown Mountain Fibers January colorway Celtic Glow.  What a great spin that was.  It was a South African Top from their Fiber Club.  I can't wait until my March selection arrives.

I am still working on Cluny leaves while tatting the Gloria pattern from Iris Niebach.  I am getting better at

I also talked about my finds from Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Fiber Festival.  I will post pipictures later because I forgot to take them for this week. 

I also got two new spindles...One I sadly can not remember the maker of but love it.  and the other is a Jonathan Bosworth..yummy

Until next time...happy crafting

PS...I forgot to include the review of Rita Buchanan's DVD How I Spin...LOVED it and will review next 'cast!!..Just a tease!!



For those of you who do not care about football, cover your ears because I am screaming "Steelers Going to the SUPER BOWL!!  Yeah!!  I was intended to podcast last weekend but realized it was a football game and so...NO...no podcast for you!!  Sooooorrrrrrryyyyyyy!  It was a grreat game and I am very excited for them.  I do hope WE win but I am not sure.  I do have lucky socks so that should definitely help, right?
I finished the Wendy Johnson socks..Heart to Heart socks in the red.  Now I am working on the Diamonds and Cables Socks in a purple Knit Picks Gloss as seen on the right.  I am very much enjoying these patterns and will no doubt do more from this book.  I will say the only thing I truly dislike is Short-Row heels...ick..but practice makes perfect.
Tatting, I finally sewed on the edging to the hanky that DD gave me.  I currently have allowed it to live under a glass (EAPG) bowl made by my GrandFathers old place of employ. It really looks nice there for now.  The old antique bowl with a vintage hanky.  What could be better?
This month I will be working on hearts from
Ruffled Heart Pattern Vicki Clarke
Tat's Amore, Martha Ess  scroll down the page
Tatting Hearts, Teri Dusenbury this is an Amazon site.
Spinning, I reviewed
Next "cast I will review
How I Spin, Rita Buchanan also at Interweave
Until then....Enjoy

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to every one!!  I am struggling to get my pictures in here to day but you know where you can go to see the full message:

http://arlenetats.blogspot.com/.  I will continue to edit this tomorrow to get the rest of my post complete. In the meantime, enjoy the 'cast!!


And the Winner Is…..

Thank you to my wonderful listeners for the site hits and downloads!  I seem to be growing.

My podcast incentive winners posted both on this (podbean) site and on the Blogger site.  They can notify me at gjdiwpx@aol.com with title podcast winner and give me info regarding wether you like tatting or knitting things and what colors you love or hate!!

Winners are...Anne


More later!!

This is episode 25 and I am so happy to be here.  Today is my 55th Birthday and though I think it sucks eggs to be in menopause , I am happy to be here!

In this episode I have re-introduced listeners to my cats and the naughty things they have been doing.  I also talk about my Thanksgiving dinner plans and I might put a picture in tomorrow as an edit!!

My stuffing is really good...if I must say so myself!  I am also making a pumpkin cheesecake and a gravy-less turkey.  All New recipes!  I do that all the time....Living on the edge and all!!

Knitting is the same but I did buy some Cashmere5 yarn to make some pictures.  I will edit the pictures in later as well...I am charging the battery in the camera.

THE BIG NEWS....a contest!!  In the next two weeks via a posted message on iTunes (preffered), here or on podbean will get the winner some yarn (I am buying it new...and probably some Lizbeth tatting thread for the tatter.  So...let me hear from you!  The drawing will be announced with the December podcast so it will run either 2-3 weeks. 

Thanks for stopping by!!


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