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Wow!!  I think I have it!!  I am tatting upa storm, snowflakes, still doing Christmas ornaments for next year and am thinking of some place cards or something like that to do small flowers!  I am also being drawn back to Iris Niebach's doily patterns and though I did not discuss this in my podcast I am thinking of tatting on a new project tonight!

On the knitting front I finished the Halcyon socks and am working on some Monkey's.  Can you believe I have never done those!!  I really like my Vesper sock yarn!  I even did a few more inches on the Shawl...Juno Regina which I still love.

Spinning...Wow do i have some nice spinning going on!  I have this gorgeous orange red that is spinning up so fine I might try to tat with it!!

Congrats to Trayna and Quiltsalot for winning the podcast listeners drawing...DD drew you out for me.  I will notify you all via your blogs or you can email me at



Thanks for listening!!


2 episodes in one week!

This is an extra that will hopefully be better than the one previous because of technical problems.  Not much more knitting and tatting but I am going to the gyne, and a tale of 5 kitties!

Contest for February.  Post a comment on itunes or podbean and you will get either tatting or knitting stuff!  Let me know if you knit or tat.  I will draw at the end of January for my Feb 'cast.

Addendum:  MaryLou didn't kill me though they made fun of me at every turn!  Made me do my own weight, paper work, The aide refused to ask me any of the usual questions..."I do not want to know how perverted you and Bradley are", she said!  Went out to dinner later and had a great time...Every one should go out to dinner with the gyne after an exam!!


Wow, It’s New Years Eve

Well here it is.  I have finally posted after almost 2 months!  Thanks to a few of you who reminded me it was gone! Thanks for caring!!

Off the needles:

 Halcyon Socks (Wendy Johnson) in Koigu fo mom.

Crosshatch Lace pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks in Jitterbug


Spun, plied. and knit the One Stitch Pattern Scarf from Yarn Harlot using Wensleydale fiber in Elecktra from Lisa Souza


Glow in the dark ornaments using patterns written by Joann Stearns, Terri the Tatter, and Mark Myers


Thanks to listener for noting a mistake in the upload...Hopefully my re-uploading will correct!  Though now (1/2/09) I listened and there seems to be overlap...I will try to make a new one tomorrow and see if that is better.  I had some trouble with podbean this week...I think every one was overloading their system.  Maybe it was my software.  Who knows.  Sorry if it is too bad!  It did not sound too bad to me until The end and it runs like a broken recors...kinda funny actually but hope you all cut it off!! Thanks for listening anyway...I will make one tomorrow morning...or later in the day when I get home from GYNE exam...That will be funny so hang in there to hear!!  LOL!!


Missed podcasting but was very busy particuarly at my work.  My former partner in crime MLM retired and "left me" in a restructuring mess!  Grrr!  This was an NP to beat all NPs and I really miss her.  We had to restructure our hours of work to accomodate me having to make nursing home rounds in addition to family practice and family planning hours.  I think I am now settling in!

To tatting...Diana asked what do people make for gifts.  I answered hankies go over great in my family but most coveted are ornaments.

I referenced FuFu Glow in the dark threads:http://www.sewingsupplywarehouse.com/fufglowindar.html

They are my favorites!My fav books

Mark Myers Tatted Angels

Joann Stearns Tatted Ornaments

Terry McGuffin...anything...she really knkows ornaments.


Halycyon Socks

Sensational Knitted Socks


Lisa Souzza's Elecktra!  Great stuff (Wensleydale top)

Hope you enjoy podcast!  Love ya all...Thanks for listening.

How about a prize for comments listed on iTunes?  Next episode!


WELL!  Thanks to modern technology I have FINALLY managed to get this post up!  I have had such a techno challenged week!!

This episode I thank PassionKnits for her comment on iTunes!!  My first comment...and a good one!  I also thank Kimberly for her question as to how I choose what tatting project to do next...It's all in the SHUTTLE choice, I guess!

I also thank Andrea and mom, Marge (my adopted needlework muse) and Auntyaya,  Heather, and Cacande on Ravelry


My Blog http://arlenetats.blogspot.com/

http://wwwDavidReedSmith.com for amazing shuttles;

http://www.solaractiveintl.com/ for SolarActive thread

http://www.mescoltd.com/fufu.html for Glow in the Dark threads

http://www.goldingfibertools.com/ For Golding Spindles

http://www.spunkyeclectic.com/shop.php MORE wonderful spindles!


A whoops corrected

Appaprently episode 8 was a bust.  I was informed by a fellow tatter Geri.  So, I reloaded and it is playing successfully.  I imagine it will also appear on iTunes shortly.  I will check to make sure.

I hope you enjoy.  I am off to work on another episode.  Thanks for listening!

Catching up after a long absence.  I am working on Tatting for the Christmas in July exchange.  I am also working on my shawls (still) Juno Regina and the Celtic Shawl. 

"Biter" has been renamed to Meat by my daughter's students and he now reigns supreme in the house!

Comments on format and content are welcome.  I will be making notes for next 'cast to put in the can this weekend!!

Missed you!


Tatting:  Boolmarks a a new edging

Edda Schneider http://digilander.lebero.it/chiacchierino/news/segnalibroeddaschneider.html

Mark Meyers http://www.tat-man.net/patterns/edgings.html. An example of some new edgings.  Thanks MArk for the inspiration.

eTatters http://etatters.ning.com/tting


Three or more projects in motion.  Washcloths, my Juno Regina stole, socks on two circs, etc!

Ravelry http://www.ravelry.com/

My DD being bitten by a stray cat and all the hooplah on that which includes a trip to the ER and 2000.00 bill!

My blog: Arlenetats.blogspot.com

Mt email gjdiwpx@aol.com  Don't  spam me, I'll know!!






I have sent out my doilies and recieved one in return.  Hope the second one comes soon!  It is Internatioanl Tatting Day and I am working on bookmarks,  Just for fun, I just googled tatted bookmarks and found a bunch of new ones.  I have many bookmark pattens already but aways like another!!

I wrote about the different tatting styles of pattens for this episode.  I like all styles but prefer when I can see a picture as well as a written description.

I frogged my Luna Moth a month ago and am using the yarn for Juno Regina.  it is a beautiful stole that is coming along well.  I did finish sock RPM's and Have finished one sock from Embossed leaves.  Wow is the toe of that one pretty!!  Like a....leaf!! Wow

Write me a note at gjdiwpx@aol.com for any ideas or suggestions.  I plan to edit this later to put in the locations of the patterns I am using.  Also at Arlenetats.blogspot.com.



Had a good week overall but I had to frog a shawl, the Luna Moth. Still working on my RPM socks but starting a new pair in Gloss from Knit Picks.  I NEED more needles!!!  I NEED more books.I reviewed a few tatting books I have on hand.  I have so many I have not used but most I have done at least one thing.

Happy listening and thanks.



Thanks to "DianeLaces" for her comments from last weeks 'cast.  It was very heartfelt and inspiring to me. 


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